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    Research Centers

    Our institution has presence across and throughout the country and through the Scientific Research carried out in the Regional Research Centers (CIR) and interdisciplinary training that is in the National Disciplinary Research Centers (CENIDs) covers the different agro ecological regions.


    INIFAP has 8 Regional Research Centers (CIR'S) and 38 experimental fields where our team of highly trained researchers in various disciplines, who in their research projects seek to generate solutions to agricultural and forestry problems they have raised.


    Also INIFAP has 5 National Disciplinary Research Centers (CENID'S), which are characterized by a high degree of specialization in a particular discipline. In these centers concentrates nationwide scientific personnell who generate cutting edge knowledge and methodologies.


    To develop our research projects INIFAP encourage continuous updating of the team that integrates our institution. In these research centers concentrate 884 researchers, of whom 19% had bachelor level , 49% Master degree  and 32% PhD.


    In this section you can learn more about the benefits, projects, resources and infrastructure that has INIFAP and contact you with the person of the research center that best suits your needs.


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